The Wings of Cradley

January – May 2016

These wings, commissioned as a symbolic piece to both commemorate and celebrate St Peters church and its history, are the first piece of public artwork ever in the Chainmaking capitol of Cradley.

The church has always been the centre of this small industrial community and they wanted a suitably Black Country artwork.

Made from beaten steel, hand hammered and welded into shape the wings are based on those of the Kestrel and Shrike, predatory British birds whose wings are as similar to that of an angel’s as can be imagined.

The piece has already become a selfie magnet drawing huge amounts of attention on social media and reaching the front page of three newspapers on two separate occasions.

“Luke has created an inspiring and uplifting piece here, one which raises us whilst being grounded in the heavy metalworking traditions of its surroundings.”

Graham Usher, The Bishop of Birmingham.